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  • Diar essences
  • Pure Organic argan oil

    The Pure Argan Oil Bio 100% ecological

    Diar argan is one of the first producers of organic argan oil and its derivatives in Morocco. The argan oil is a real source of youth thanks to its richness in vitamin E and fatty acid essential. Our Cosmetic Argan Oil and our argan oil of food are certified organic by Ecocert. Real guarantee of quality throughout the production, the crop at the bottling, is conducted at the manufactures of Diar argan. The Pure argan oil a real boon to the skin but also a companion nutrition.

    Our argan oil for food has had the label of the best taste of the world by ITQI- Brussels in 2007 and in 2010.

  • Hammam Ritual

    The origin of the hammam is located in the East. It means in Arabic " which spreads the heat" or "hot water".
    In effect, it is a steam bath at 50°C and saturated at 100% humidity.
    In all seasons, the steam room allows you to do a relaxing break in our daily life sometimes stressful and take care of his skin and his body. Our range hammam ritual includes the black soap, the glove of scrub, the ghassoul, the salt of Bath, the Shower gel in the orange blossom and all the necessary to take care of your skin.

  • Face Care

    The range of care for the face to the argan oil Organic Argan Diar takes care of your skin through the nourishing properties antioxidant and of argan oil. Each type of skin will find the face care to the argan oil that it must. The cosmetic line Diar argan is declined in day care, night care and care for man. You will find of oils, salves creams, milks, sera, scrubs following the texture you prefer. You will find. Choose the face care that you need !

  • Body Care

    The range of care for the body to the argan oil bio of Diar argan is very comprehensive:
    You will find there the oils of care for the body nourishing and moisturizing, oils of massage to relaxing effect, anti-inflammatory and slimming draining..
    You will enjoy our range care for the skins to the problems ''irritated skin, very dry but also of Balms Argan oils for the hands and feet. Do not forget a detour by the Radius ritual of the hammam where you will learn how to take care of your body in the most pure Moroccan tradition. Give in to the temptation with the range of care for the body Diar argan.
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  • Hair Care

    The range of hair care to the argan oil bio of Diar argan is very comprehensive:
    You will find shampoo repairer, after shampoo, hair mask, mask Ghassoul, oil for damaged hair, hair care anti fall and for scalp, smoothing Balm, serum for anti tips forks... A range to beautify your hair and give them volume and health.

  • Perfect tanning
  • Local products

    Cultural diversity transmitted through generations and biodiversity reflected by the multitude of environmental ecosystems, have made Morocco a rich showcase in the Products of Terroir most of which are endemic. The argan oil, saffron, the oil of fig of barbarism, the rose, spices and aromatic plants and full of other products which are the wealth of this country. Not to mention the dates, of olive oil, couscous and full of other products which are the wealth of this country.

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