we are producers, formulators and exporters of cosmetic products Natural BIO to basis of the Argan Oil 100% pure certified by ECOCERT Greenlife.

Our experience of 19 years, has allowed us to produce cosmetic products of high qualities, very rich in vitamin E. Our research go beyond questions of dehydration and skin problems, but it reveals the full potential of your skin and strengthens its innate capacity to regenerate.

The products of our catalog obey the good manufacturing practices and are in compliance with the law of international regulation.

We will prepare you a line Natural Cosmetic to your brand name. A range of high quality which will align the image of your beauty and your spirituality, since each smell and color that you go choir will represent a part of you.

Has your confirmation, we will send you a form to fill out so that we can approach the choice of products that you want to offer to your customers and also for you to prepare a design of the finished products of your choice.

We will be delighted to provide a range of high performance that for you