Eye Contour -Vitamins E-A-K – 10 ml –

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Organic Argan – Wheat Germs – Ginger Extract
3 in 1 to look after your eyes:
Anti wrinkle
Lifting effect
Dark circles
Strengthens eyelashes

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This eye contour treatment is based on organic argan oil, enriched with prickly pear seeds oil and wheat germ oil to help fight dark circles and bags under the eyes.
The eye contour treatment is a regenerating anti-aging treatment for dark circles and under-eye bags. It slows the visible signs of aging due to the sun and other external factors.

Our triple efficiency outline:

Smoothed wrinkles
Lift effect
Attenuated dark circles.

Profits :

Regeneration action: stimulates the production of new cells.
Prevention action: slows the visible signs of aging.
Can also be applied to eyelashes for a strengthening effect


Using the refreshing ball up to 2 times a day. apply under-eye concealer for dark circles & puffiness comes in its own roller, which reduces under-eye puffiness

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1 review for Eye Contour -Vitamins E-A-K – 10 ml –

  1. Latifa

    I always use this product since 10 years ago to take care of my eyes contour. I also use it on my eyebrow and eyelash.

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