White Label

You would like to have your own brand, we can help you

We manufacture cosmetics with organic argan in private label, according to your specific needs if you are looking to develop sales of such products with your own brand.

Our equipment and the layout of our premises are adapted to meet your needs.
Our new facilities, which are of exemplary health, meet the strictest standards.

The following steps illustrate the general process for purchasing products with your own private label.

This is a generalized process, so there might be differences depending on your needs.
Please contact us for more information at + 212661576097

How it Work :

1 - Request

  • We receive your request for your ” private label” .
  • We will then provide you with information about our products, sizes, minimum quantities to order for each SKU and the expected delivery time.
  • The customer informs us of his specifications, the type of products, packaging format and other important details in his eyes .

2 - Sample approval

  • After receiving all the necessary information, samples sent to the customer, as well as product specifications and any other relevant information for approval .

3 - Labeling & Logo

  • When all the elements of the product ( recipe and format) are approved, the customer must then send us the labels or logos or product specifications .
  • Please note that we can help you make certain choices for your labelling .

4 - Production

Once the visual (labels) and product samples are approved, the first production will take place . The production will be supervised by our production manager accompanied by qualified employees to ensure that the final result meets the standards of the customer and meets the samples made beforehand.

5 - Traceability

Our management and quality system guarantees the perfect traceability of the final product from the receipt of raw materials and packaging products at our premises to delivery to our customers.

6 - Logistic

We offer various delivery options to customers, however, customers can also arrange their own pickup.