Argan Face Care – Restructuring with vanilla -30ml-


Argan BIO & Extrait de Vanille
Vitamine E – F

Argan face care restructuring is a unique combination of organic argan oil and vanilla extract for a treatment with regenerating properties. Vitamin E naturally present in argan oil contributes to slowing cell aging.
This facial treatment is naturally rich in linoleic acids and vitamin E. In daily application, this oil nourishes dry skin, restores and revitalizes the skin, while protecting it from external aggressions.
It helps to fight against premature aging of the skin.
Delicately scented with vanilla, it leaves a fresh veil on the skin.
Vanilla is a concentrate of anti-aging active ingredients.
Natural oil, paraben-free, GMO-free, colorant-free


Apply the oil on the face before bed so in the morning you’ll get a nourishing and moistrized skin.
* Clean the face of your makeup before going to bed, put a few drops in the palm of your hands and warm the oil slightly between your fingers and start applying it all over your face and neck morning & evening.
Argan oil has the particularity of quickly and deeply penetrating the layers of the epidermis, this is partly why it quickly regenerates and soothes the driest skin.


– Moistrized and well nourished skin.
– Soft and firm skin.

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