Face Care – Lightening – 30ml-


Argan BIO – Citrus du Maroc
Vitamine E – F – C
Peau ferme
Teint plus éclatant
Augmente l’élasticité de la peau

Face care LIGHTENING serum is rich in vitamin E and the precious essential oils of Citrus rich in vitamin C. These two components known for their regenerative, lightening and healing properties.

This serum reduces the signs of aging and helps the disappearance of dark spots.

The benefits of vitamin C : It allows the production of collagen, which helps the skin to stay firm and gives it a more radiant complexion. Vitamin C also replaces damaged tissue,it increases the elasticity of the skin, it combats redness caused by skin imperfections and by climate change. Finally, vitamin C increases the elasticity of the skin, making it thicker, allowing it to keep its hydration and to increase blood circulation.


– Clean your face of your makeup before going to bed
– Spray the oil on the palm of your hand
– Warm the oil by lightly rubbing with both hands
– Apply the oil on your face


– Moistrized skin/ brightness
– The skin is softer and firmer

Natural oil without paraben, GMO-free, color-free

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